This is a detailed description of the EKSUTH/SONAD Entrance Exam and every other thing you need to know about the School of nursing, Ado-Ekiti.

In this guide, you will;

  • Know how the EKSUTH School of nursing entrance exam is structured 
  • What to expect if offered admission

Where is the EKSUTH School of Nursing situated?

School of Nursing Ado-Ekiti is situated beside Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital along Adebayo road, Ado-Ekiti.

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How the School of Nursing Ado-Ekiti entrance exam is structured?

The EKSUTH/SONAD’s entrance exam is not different from all other schools of Nursing in Nigeria. 

The entrance exam is structured to happen in 3 stages/phases. When you pass the first phase or stage, you have access to write the second and so on.

Stage 1: Written exam. 

This stage takes about 45 minutes and it covers subjects such as English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and current affairs

The cutoff mark will determine if you will make it to the next stage.

Stage 2: Another written exam/interview

This stage is similar to the first one just that there are a lesser number of students. 

When you can make the cutoff mark at this stage, you will be opportune to move to the last stage.

Stage 3: Oral interview

At this stage, the number of students would have drastically reduced to about 100 and this is where you do the Oral interview. 

The interview is usually 10-15 minutes and it can be on any subject or topic, so brace up.

How to know you have been admitted into EKSUTH/SONAD

After the oral interview wait to hear from the school. If you made it, you will be contacted via a phone call from the school admin and you can also check the school’s admission list. When you do, you will be prompted to proceed with the acceptance fee and admission letter.

If you don’t turn up, you forfeit your admission.

Wrapping up EKSUTH/SONAD entrance exam

If you’d love to study nursing at the school of nursing Ado-Ekiti, we have just given you how the entrance exam is structured. Best of luck.