Are you ready to begin your journey into the nursing profession and wondering whether to start from the School of nursing or University?

In this article, we’ll open your eyes and mind to the difference between the School of nursing and nursing in the university.

There is no exact answer to the question but the content below does justice to your question.

Nursing at the University

Studying nursing at a university is one of the best decisions any nursing aspirant can make. And this does not mean school of nursing is bad.

Schooling School of Nursing

School of Nursing is usually associated with a Teaching Hospital, the Ministry of Health, privately owned or part of a College of Health. See the list of schools of nursing in Ekiti state here.

Advantages of going to the School of Nursing

Below are some, of the advantages, of going to the School of Nursing (in Nigeria).

  1. You do not need to write JAMB or PUTME
  2. You will spend just 3 years in school
  3. There 99% chance that you won’t be disturbed by any strike
  4. You can start working immediately after you graduated
  5. You gain experience in the practical aspect of Nursing because you will spend 50% of your training in the clinical.

Disadvantages of going to school of Nursing

  1. You will spend extra 4-5 years in the University(if you choose to have your degree in Nigeria) to have a degree in nursing. You can achieve this via Distance Learning or full-time study.
  2. In most hospitals, you cannot earn like someone who graduated from the University. But you can struggle to earn more if you have more experience in a private hospital.
  3. There is no opportunity for NYSC

Which should you go to School of Nursing or University?

School of nursing or University

There are hardly any disadvantages of studying nursing at the University either in Nigeria or abroad.

The major disadvantage of studying nursing at the University in Nigeria

  1. ASUU strike: ASUU strike in Nigeria can turn a 6 years program to 8.
  2. And of course, you must write JAMB, PUTME/Screening and pass with the required pass mark of the university of your choice. But note, not all the universities in Nigeria offers nursing as a course of study.
  3. When it comes to practical experience, it can not be like those who passed through the school of Nursing.

Advantages of studying nursing at the university in Nigeria

  1. You graduate with a degree and any specialization of your choice
  2. You can go for NYSC if you chose to
  3. When you get a government job with your degree, you earn more than those who went to the school of nursing.

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Wrapping up School of Nursing or University

We have, in this article, done justice to whether you should go to school of nursing or the University to study nursing.  Now that you know the differences between school of nursing and nursing in the university, decide which to go for on your own.

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